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 Thinking - Precious and thoughtful devotionals by Wayne Schlichter, one of Bill Powers' mentors  Click for the 'Thinking' index  
 Most Important - Please read this article first.  It is the most important peace on our site.


The Gospel

An easily understood explanation of the gospel of Christ - the 'Good News'.  This is the same tract that we offer on A Friend In The Night.
 Letters   A few of the "life's lessons" letters I have written to my grown children.


Givers and Takers

Which is best and why?

God's Glory and His Image

A focus on Priorities.
 Studies Helps   Outlines and articles on particular subjects.

Is There A God? Several thoughts and links on the question, 'Is there a God.'
The Fruit of the Spirit and The Beatitudes A review and comparison of these two important Bible Passages.
  Encouraging Stories and Thoughts .

The God of the Little Things

 An E-mail I received entitled 'The Sand in our Shoes' about little things that mean much more than we realize.

Christmas Fears 

Dealing with the tears and fears that some of us face during Christmas (as well as other times of stress.)

The Second Birth

There is an interesting relationship between birth and death - the number of times you are born determines the number of times you die.  And the terms may surprise you.

Christmas 2005

 A winter story to warm the heart.


Neat Stories from E-mails

The Second Birth

 A look at an unusual statement.




 More - Other titles will be added in the coming days.  Please return occasionally to view the latest entries.


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